10 Reasons for Mannheim

1. Top Ratings in Rankings because of an interdisciplinary approach

National Rankings have listed the Department of Law repeatedly amongst the top ten Departments of Law in Germany over the past years. In 2012, we were listed eighth out of 42 German Departments of Law in the “Wirtschaftswoche”-Ranking (a leading German Business Magazine).  The Department of Law places a clear emphasis on the fields of commercial and business law. Close ties to legal and business practice, combined with an interdisciplinary profile in the economic sciences, are hallmarks of the Department of Law.

2. Internationality

The University of Mannheim has built up a worldwide network, which includes contacts with over 400 universities around the world.The Department of Law provides a joint degree Programme with the University of Adelaide (Australia) and a double degree Programme with the University of Toulouse (France). As a result of our wide range of international cooperation, we offer our exchange students many courses taught in English. All lectures taught in English are graduate courses, and most of them are offered in the fall semester.  However, undergraduate and graduate exchange students alike are allowed to attend these classes.

3. Great Mentoring

With only 1100 students, the Department of Law provides a comfortable learning atmosphere.  The student-teacher ratio is outstanding.  There are on average 30 - 40 students in each lecture.  As a result, this establishes and encourages personal contact between students and teachers. Besides that, there is the possibility to get a “Buddy”.  If you would like to have some extra support, a German student can be your Buddy and help you to get settled during your first weeks in Mannheim.

4. Special Offers for International Exchange Students

In order to meet the special needs of our exchange students, the Department of Law offers special lectures to familiarize students with German Civil Law.  Students, who wish to take classes outside of their major subject area, can select from the available university-wide elective courses. These courses can be taken without previous knowledge in the field.  Apart from that, exchange students are also strongly encouraged to participate in a four week preparatory intensive language course before the beginning of the semester (the so-called winter academy or summer academy).  Additionally, they can attend language courses throughout the semester as well.

5. Modern Technical Equipment

All lecture halls in the Department of Law are adjusted to the latest technological standards. In addition, the newly equipped law library was opened in September 2006 and is now one of the most modern in Germany.  Located in the central part of the palace, the library is equipped with numerous computer workstations and notebook connections and is open until midnight on weekdays.  "Netpoints" and WLAN-connections are provided by the University and can be found throughout the campus.

6. Studying in a Baroque Palace

The Department of Law is located in Mannheim's palace.  Constructed in 1720, the palace was completed in 1760 under the famous Duke Karl Theodor.  The baroque palace is the largest in Germany, the second biggest in the world (after the palace of Versailles) and definitely one of the most beautiful University-buildings in the German academic landscape. Recently, many lecture halls and libraries have been renovated and provided with modern technical equipment.

7. Centrally located

Since lectures are usually held in the baroque palace, short walking distances are guaranteed.  As a result of the central location, the cafeteria as well as the International Office is within walking distance.  Students in Mannheim therefore do not have to deal with the complications of a large University.  Furthermore its central location in the heart of Europe makes it easy to travel around and explore cities in Germany and Europe.

8. Extensive Support for international students

Even before their arrival, exchange students are sent detailed information concerning studying and living in Mannheim. Additionally, the International Office supports students before as well as after their arrival, helping them to register and get settled at the University (e.g. choosing language courses and finding residence).  Questions regarding our law programmes will be answered by the International Office of the Department of Law.  Further, there will be many events during the semester, like theatre and pub visits, hiking or trips to many interesting cities.

9. International adjusted Semester Dates

Since the academic year 2006/07, the University of Mannheim has adjusted its semester dates to Anglo-American standards in order to facilitate international exchanges.  Thus, the University’s academic year is divided into a spring (February to July) and a fall (September to January) semester.

10. Mannheim

With 315.000 inhabitants, Mannheim is a lively and diverse city which is seen throughout its shopping streets, cultural attractions and the beautiful baroque University.  It has a multifaceted music and pub scene, and is part of the "European Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar", with around 2.3 million inhabitants.  The city is a perfect starting point to explore Hesse and the Rhineland-Palatinate.  There are many opportunities to visit famous picturesque old towns, like Heidelberg, in the nearby areas.